Manufacture of Aerosol Products

We manufacture a wide range of aerosols (see Product Range) in both aluminium and tinplate containers, handling can diameters from 35 mm to 65 mm and fill sizes from approx. 25 ml up to 700 ml. We use a wide range of aerosol propellants including butane (30, 40 and 70), DME (dimethyl ether), 134a, 1234 ze, 152a, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and compressed air. We can fill a wide range of viscosity liquids and powder slurries (with recirculation through filling).

Research & Development

At Active Air Products we have a professional team of chemists and technicians that have a broad and extensive level of expertise. Our many years of product development and proven formulations ensures flexibility and maximum efficiency when tending to all of our customer’s requirements. We provide an extensive range of propellants and packaging systems. Our team offers the best formulations within your specified parameters and can also advise you on all aspects relating to your product and its development. This includes the supply of up to date, comprehensive legislative advice (including the provision of Safety Data Sheets in various languages). In addition, through our technical team’s experience and expertise we ensure that your products meet all of the industrial health and safety standards and guidelines.
Here at Active Air Products we also offer a comprehensive technical support service. Should you have any queries about your product any member of our technical team will be more than happy to talk to you about this, offering help and advice where they can. Get in touch with our Research and Development team

In House Design

Here at Active Air Products our in house design team provides an innovative artwork, design and print service. We work closely with our customers in order to deliver a fast and efficient service. Through our in house facility we can reduce the lead time of design and delivery from initial concept through to the final product. At Active Air Products we use state of the art design software and printing facilities, providing a range of printing options. While our facilities allow us to create innovative designs for your aerosols, we can also produce other products including Business Cards and Letterheads. This means that not only can we provide you with branded cans, we can also help with managing your brand as a whole. Our in house design team are more than happy to take a brief from you and create designs from scratch. If you wish to do this, we can offer a design service at a very competitive price.
Two colleagues creative graphic designer working on color select
However, at Active Air Products we also print existing artwork if you already have design you wish to use. To do this, simply send an email or send a hard copy of the artwork to us in the post. Once our in house design team receive this we can guarantee that they will commence work as soon as possible.